What is it?

Meminfo is a small python script that will create reports on current memory usage in the system. It is especially useful on large systems, but single user systems might find it useful as well.

A small example from a single user system is available as well.


Contents of README

Welcome to meminfo.py:README.

meminfo was born out of a need to report large system memory usage in
some meaningful way. ps and top have their uses, as do others, but they
have two problems (in my opinion):
1) they don't show URES (unique resident size)
2) the information they provide is of limited value once you start having
  1000+ processes on a multi-user system
meminfo fills the gap (or aims to at least).

Tested on 2.6 kernels and one 2.4 system (debian 3.1)


meminfo is Copyright 2006 Aleksandr Koltsoff.

meminfo is released under the GPLv2 in the hopes that it may be of use
to other people (please see the accompanying COPYING file, or if the file
is missing [bad!] you can find it at http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.txt).


generates three lists according to real memory usage:
- first is sorted by URES per process
- second one groups processes according to usernames and sorts that based on ures
- third groups based on process names and again sorts based on total ures
- fourth is optional and depends whether you have SMP-system or not
  tries to group memory and runtimes according to logical CPUs
  if you don't have SMP (enabled), you won't see the fourth report
  and the first report will be missing the C#-field (CPU that last
  executed a process).
For explanation on URES, please see http://koltsoff.com/pub/ures/

For feedback and patches, please contact me via czr(at)iki(dot)fi while
including 'meminfo' in the subject.

Hope you find it useful, I sure did,

Aleksandr Koltsoff


2006-09-30 1.0.2 2.4 Kernel support
- Fixed problem caused by improper parsing of /proc/meminfo on
  2.4 kernels (now meminfo seems to work on 2.4 kernels as well,
  but needs additional testing).

2006-09-30 1.0.1 Bugfix
- Fix against zero div when running without swap (thanks Casper)
- Added "debugging" support (disable quiet-error munging):
  set DEBUG=1 (at the start of the source file) to see ugly python
  tracebacks (when reporting problems for example).  

2006-09-28 1.0 * Release
- Cleaned up source from unused functions and lines
- Added some comments
- Modified license to GPLv2


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